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1. Please wait for Video to Appear on the above.
2. If Live Transmission is on it will be displayed in the above window as LIVE TV and if Live Transmission is not ongoing then pre-recorded programs will be played automatically one after the other, you can also skip a program by clicking NEXT button, you can also click FULL Screen mode.

Pre-recorded Programs - Played while Live Transmission is not ongoing:
-  Roza E Rasool SAW - Eid Al Fitter 1433 (19 August 2012), Unforgettable Moments and Great Reciting
-  Roza E Rasool SAW - After Roza Iftar, Dorood O Salam, 24 Ramadan 1433 (12 August 2012)
-  Kaba Shareef - Aftari 21 Ramadan 1433 (9 August 2012) - Hazrat Khawja Rafiqkhushali Madni and Munir Qureshi Madni

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